Friday, January 3, 2014

New Review for the Book

New Review in from Robert Herd, Editor of Living Stones Magazine.
"Bro. Gorley has written a truly valuable book worth a read by any level Freemason. We Freemasons being the lovers of history that most of us are, many should find his book... most fascinating, for contained within the pages are numerous historical tidbits and stories many of which I didn't know. Bro. Gorley's down to earth, personal approach to the writing makes it a comfortable, quick and easy to read, but don't be mislead, the content is anything but simple. Bro. Shawn formulates through his collection of historical accounts, stories and facts an overall perspective of Brotherhood, Fraternity and Intent that more convinces the reader of his opinion. You will enjoy, as did I the events, facts and stories as they unfold." This review is published in the January 2014 issue of Living Stones Magazine. To purchase the paperback please visit
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