Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pre orders for new book

"This was history folks, we cannot change it or make it sound better than it was by sugar coating it, it is what it is. Now what we learn from it and how we move on; that is the question I will leave up to each and every reader of this work to answer for themselves. Freemasonry will live on, it is up to the Brethren of now to decide how."
Excerpt from my upcoming book "Freemasonry Defined, Using History to Understand the Fraternity"
Pre-orders are available, please email Cost is $20.00 and includes shipping and all pre-orders will be personally signed!

I am presently waiting on the cover design to be finished and the book will be available in November, possibly earlier depending on the Publishing House.  As soon I receive the book the pre orders will be immediately signed and mailed out!

Look for ads in November issues of both The Working Tools Masonic Magazine as well as Living Stones Magazine.

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