Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Amazing Honor Continued

Well Brethren, it has been a long and amazing road these last few years, recently I finished the lecture entitled "Freemasonry and Public Education" that is now available at  With finishing up that lecture it also wraps up my two year journey as a student in the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge, which I am now certified as a Master Masonic Scholar and will be receiving my "diploma" in Elizabethtown, PA on October 26th 2013.  Seeing my time with the Academy come to a close is bittersweet, on one hand I am happy, but at the same time this has been a huge part of my life!
So, what now...... well I am happy to announce that I am now a full time Mason, I was recently hired as a freelance Editor for Lewis Masonic, the oldest Masonic book publisher on the planet and based out of England.  The nice thing is that I can do this from home here in Pennsylvania.  I am also happy that I will be doing some travelling and speaking engagements at Masonic meetings and functions all over the place and will be available to do this full time as I can take my work with me.  I very much look forward to doing this and quite frankly am honored at the invitations I have received thus far.  Last but not least I will continue to do book reviews and assist in the marketing of Masonic books and... have a book started myself that I hope to have published in the near future.
I realize I am blessed every single day for this Brotherhood of men and honestly I don't know what I would do without it, it is my true passion!
I wish you all well and will talk to you again soon!

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