Monday, August 5, 2013

The Color Blue and the Point within a Circle

         There is one color, at least in the United States that every Freemason has in common.  We are all at minimum members of a “Blue Lodge” or “Blue House”.  This color is the one that is most prevalent within Freemasonry, notice it is not black, white, yellow or brown.  The color blue, among all Freemasons is the only color that should matter, it unites us all as Brothers of the world’s oldest and largest fraternity and as such we are all equal and should never judge one another for any reason be it money, social status, religious persuasion, appearance and last but not least the color of our skin.

            As of the last few weeks, at least here in the United States there has been a very controversial trial taking place in which a Hispanic American shot and killed an African American.  How and why it happened as well as the verdict of the trial in this case has been huge debate in the news world and in social media.  Even our own President and multiple other famous persons have made comments as to how they feel regarding the case and the verdict.   Without a doubt the incident has stirred up a massive amount of emotions and opinions from people of all walks of life.  As such a controversial topic that this has been it is expected to stir up different emotions and people are going to speak up and even some will act on those emotions, it is just human nature.

             Now obviously we are all entitled to our own emotions and opinions, these are basic human rights.  Every single human being has and will always have their own version of these and they will often differ with somebody else’s, and this fact is one that often causes a ton of trouble when one let’s their emotions, opinions and passions get the better of them.  It is a very easy thing to do, I would be lying if I said I never had this problem myself.  It is one thing I try to learn to keep in check every day.  The easiest way to keep this in check, and one that every Freemason is familiar with is to remember the point within a circle, wherein the point represents the individual person and the circle represents is the boundary of his actions, if you want to take it a step further picture the point within a circle and add the parallel lines on each side with the VSL on top.  This reminds us that we should consult our own VSL in order to achieve proper balance between knowledge and education on one side and passion and intensity on the other in order to circumscribe our passions.

            With the recent events mentioned above taking place, it is hard not to notice all of the discontent, anger and disgust that smacks you right in the face when you log on to your favorite social site or forum related to the trial and verdict of this particular case, everyday something new hits the news and not long after it hits the forums and sites.  People very blatantly posting their opinions is quite honestly a given in these situations and also one of the greatest freedoms we have in this country, the freedom of speech.  With that said, the one problem that has been caused by this freedom that relates to the trial and verdict and without a doubt hurts our beloved fraternity is the fact that Brother Freemasons both PHA and mainstream as a result of this situation, openly, blatantly and often seem to get caught up in race bashing.  This is to a point to be expected from the “profane” world, but is utterly disgusting to witness Brothers of the same fraternity personally attack each other, and or a race different than their own all over an event that none of us can control nor had anything to do with.  The bottom line is that we as Freemasons have taken oaths to grow and be better men than this and we not only know better than to handle a situation like this but we also are doing severe damage to our fraternity’s good name.  There is absolutely no reason for things like this to happen among Brothers of the same fraternity, especially this fraternity where we have learned the importance of circumscribing our passions as well as the fact that the only thing that is important is not a man’s material possessions or skin color, it is his morals, character, good standing and belief in a supreme being that got him into Freemasonry and in Freemasonry we are all equal period.

            Remember, it is blue, not black, white, yellow or brown, the important color is blue and as we all try to improve let us not forget the point within a circle when we see ourselves getting a little too passionate about things.  I firmly believe this world is better with Freemasons in it, we know how to disagree like gentleman, let’s not tarnish that over something as simple as the color of a man’s skin.

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