Friday, May 17, 2013

An Amazing Honor

           One day I found myself quite surprised to be chatting on the internet with the webmaster for and  After a few more minutes I was surprised, as I got a Skype call from the same Brother.  We had an excellent discussion on multiple Masonic topics, it was an enjoyable conversation, especially with a very learned Brother.  Just when I thought the conversation was coming to an end, I was asked if I had any interest in putting together a video lecture for these two sites.  To put it bluntly I was shocked and honored all at the same time!  Well, I'm no dummy; of course I agreed to do this, just to be thought of in this capacity is a huge honor let alone to actually be invited!
          For those of you that are not aware WEOFM and MATSOL are two website's endorsed by the Grand Lodge of Indiana.  They contain many video lectures for use 24-7-365, and for free.  They are there to be used and viewed by Masons and the general public as well.  They are a great idea for Lodge presentations as they are free and easy to view.  On these two site's are lectures by some of today's most learned and educated Mason's, researcher's, professor's and scholar's.  The presenter's on these site's are considered experts in their field and are top notch!  There are some big names on these site's, so I find it hard to put in words just exactly how honored and excited I truly am to be included among these men and women.  I am very much looking forward to this and am working daily to perfect my lecture.
          My lecture entitled "Freemason's and Public Education" will be listed and stored on the MATSOL site on September 1, 2013.  In it I dive deep into understanding what kind of impact Freemasonry had on the public and collegiate educational systems and there development from colonial America and on while highlighting some prominent Masons that had the biggest impact on these developments over time.
           I hope you will watch this as well as check out the two websites, they are an invaluable resource that we all should be taking advantage of to enlighten ourselves on our Masonic journey.

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